The Church needs to bring young people from the “captivity of social networks” to God

Moscow. March 6. INTERFAX – Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill urged the Church to win the youth of the social networks.

“More and more people attached to the Church, but, unfortunately, the same cannot be said about young people. And although we are actively developing the youth movement, the organization, still a very large number of the young are in thrall to social networking and all the information that using these networks falls on their minds, and there is less to say about Christ, about the truth of God, do not say anything about sin, about the meaning of human life”, – said the Patriarch on Saturday evening after the service in the Zaikonospassky monastery in Moscow.

“So today in the spiritual battle for the salvation of our young generation is the primary task of the Church. We are not imposing anything on anyone, but our task, our duty is to show people the beauty of the gospel ideal,” he said.

According to the Primate to modern man was able to discover that ideal, he needs help using accessible language.

“What concerns the return of churches, monasteries, today it is not the number one priority. The number one task is the preaching of Christ, which will be understood and accepted by the absolute majority of our people, and this kind of activity requires great spiritual and intellectual forces and, in fact, the entire life,” says the Patriarch.