Shot in Kiev businessman Rajiva could kill on orders from Moscow: it became known that “Moscow investor” ordered the destruction of the Odessa businessman

The media has already been voiced by some information about the man yesterday, March 8, in the center of Kiev the Odessa businessman Alexander Ragava named benny. Besides, raider attacks, Regev hunted in the restaurant business and was an avid card player, and often do not lose their money.

In the beginning
2000s Rajev owned in a restaurant “Vitrine”, and then got control
above the beach Zebra
reports “Dialog. UA”.

The staff of the beach in July
2012 were beaten by the activists who advocated for free access to
Odessa on the beach.

The head of the beach was
an attack on an activist, she picked up the phone and drowned him in the sea.
Another activist was beaten, also of unknown broke the wheel of the car of one
out of the participants.

According to media reports, in Rajeev
the late 90s was associated with the infamous solntsevskaya OPG, which
invested in Odessa a lot of money.

Rajev was heavily obsessed with card games. Businessman often losing
a large amount from the “total cash”.

This motive and could be key to killing him, and the team that
it is not excluded, could give the “Moscow investor” Rajeeva.

Recall storagea shot yesterday, March 8, on the street Antonovich in his own car.

Of the 6 fired bullets in
Rajiva got 4, tangibile wounded and were in a car young children killed.