Near Kharkov after 5 years, repeat the tragedy of Oksana Makar: police are trying to determine exactly who had the charred body of the girl

In view of the deceased 20-25 years. Her body was found by a passerby in a vacant lot. About the incident became known today, on March 9.

The coroner found,
before burning the girl was strangled, on the possible signs of rape not
reported, reports “Dialog. UA”.

The body of the unfortunate victim
unknown killers accidentally saw the passerby at the 72nd kilometer of the highway Kharkov –
Krasnograd – Pereshchepino. It happened on the eve of women’s day on 7 March. The man immediately about the terrible discovery
informed the police.

On the spot the police had collected evidence.Criminal case
under article”Murder” criminal code of Ukraine.

Set identity
killed and is looking for witnesses to the crime.

By the way,
a similar tragedy five years ago occurred in Nikolaev.

Then the company
young boys brutally raped, and then set fire to 18-summer Oksana Makar.
The girl many hours covered with rags on an abandoned construction site was smoldering, having
terrible burns.

Saw a local resident and
they called an ambulance. Oksana Makar was trying to save, her amputated up to the shoulder one of the
hands, but the girl three weeks after the tragedy died.

Before the death of Oksana Makar
unable to name the identity of all three guys who made it over this

Earlier it was reported how in
Russia’s unruly tenant by abseitige his neighbor because of the roaches.

It was also reported that
what a jealous young celovecestvo burned his 25-year-old civil wife.