Ex-assistant to trump Flynn registered as a lobbyist in the interests of Turkey

01700 the associated Press.

Flynn has completed work on lobbying in the interests of Turkey before the presidential election and after the election Donald trump head of state undertook, together with colleagues not to act on behalf of foreign authorities, says the Agency.

According to the Agency, counsel Flynn sent Tuesday to the justice Ministry, according to which voluntarily registered for the lobbying activities that were “in General can be seen as beneficial for Turkey.”

Informed consulting firm Flynn notified the U.S. Congress about the cooperation with the company in the Netherlands, which is owned by Turkish businessman. But then no one filed documents to the Ministry of justice, the Agency said. The documents also claimed that this cooperation was terminated in November 2016.

In February, Flynn left his post and acknowledged that gave the White house inaccurate information about contacts with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak. Before the media reported that Flynn in December 2016 discussed with the dubious anti-Russian sanctions, despite the denials on this issue from representatives of the team of trump and of the adviser. The Kremlin said that Flynn was talking to Kislyak, but their conversation is not correct.

A week after taking office in January, trump has banned officials in his administration lobbying for five years after retirement, and to lobby the interests of foreign governments banned for life.