Unknown opened fire in Kryvyi Rih passenger tram

In the result of attack from firearms damaged four window panes. Fortunately, public transit is not affected.

the management of the office of national police reported that in Krivoy Rog unknown
the attackers fired at the car of light rail of a firearm, according to
“Dialogue UA”.

the incident occurred last night, March 7. The tram was in the area
the station “City hospital”, when the hoodlums opened fire on him. In
the result was damaged four Windows of the tram, one of which is
next to the driver’s seat.

The result
shelling passengers were not injured. At the moment the law enforcement bodies
establish all circumstances of the occurred event.

By the way,
recently in Krivoi Rog the man was able to snatch a grenade at the attacker, who threatened
to blow the taxi driver.

Earlier it was reported,
in Krivoy Rog launched a new route of light rail. Common
the length of this route is 27 km.

We will remind, in Kiev the criminal
in camouflage wounded the driver, stole
the bus and opened fire on the police.

We will add that in Odessa unknown persons shot
relative of crime boss.