The Church, restored the monument on the grave of the mother of Dostoevsky

Moscow. March 7. INTERFAX – Requiem service and the consecration of the restored after 80-year absence tombstone on the grave of the mother of Fyodor Dostoyevsky will be held March 11 at the temple in honor of the descent of the Holy spirit in the former Lazarevsky cemetery in Moscow.

The restoration of the monument on the grave of Mary Dostoevsky opens a series of events dedicated to the 200th anniversary since the birth of its famous son, which will be celebrated in 2021, the press service of the State literary Museum.

The question of the return of the monument to the historic site, has repeatedly raised the cultural community, but it has become possible only now, in the year of the 180th anniversary since the death of the mother of the writer, through the joint efforts of the International society of F. Dostoevsky, the above mentioned Museum and the temple and of the Society of Orthodox doctors of Moscow.

“Thus, recovering another memorable historical place in Moscow associated with the name by Fyodor Dostoyevsky,” the statement reads.

M. Dostoevsky died on February 27 (March 11), 1837, of consumption, aged 37 years, leaving a wife and seven children. Some time later, on her grave was erected a black granite monument with a lengthy epitaph, in drafting the text which was attended by the brothers Dostoevsky, Mikhail and Fyodor. Appearing in Moscow, writer whenever I am visiting my mother’s grave.

After the death of F. Dostoevsky, the grave was watched by his widow, who died in 1918, and in the years after the revolution the monument was overturned and littered with debris. At the end of the 1920s he was again installed in the same place. In the mid-1930s, Moscow’s oldest cemetery was abolished. Tombstone was transferred to the Moscow Museum of F. M. Dostoevsky, which in 1940 became part of the State literary Museum.