MP-opublikowac Shufrich was caught on tax evasion, a controversial ally of Medvedchuk and Yanukovych was interrogated in the GPU

Shufrych was summoned to the Prosecutor’s office in connection with possible tax evasion this member of the businessman.

Odious people’s Deputy Nestor Shufrych, a representative of the
the Pro-Russian party, the Opposition bloc, had been questioned on Tuesday, 7
March, the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine about “the case of a possible
tax evasion,” reports “Dialog UA”

Press service of people’s Deputy informed that
Shufrych gave explanations in the presence of lawyers, in which he “noted
the inconsistency of the data”, which were specified in the Act State
fiscal service regarding the failure to pay him taxes.

“Also, they were given explanations about the nature
the origin of the property and funds, declared in
e-Declaration”, – stressed in the press service of the MP.

It is known that Shufrich is not only a Deputy, but
and businessman. As you progress in the policy gradually transferred assets
their close relatives, are not formally owning a variety of businesses, but
in fact, leaving them in complete control.

It is also worth noting that the Shufrych was informed of the SDPU (u),
one of the leaders of which were the godfather Putin Medvedchuk. During the first
The Maidan together with the party bosses supported Yanukovych. On
the 2006 parliamentary elections took place in Parliament on the list “Party
regions.” After the collapse of Yanukovych’s party in 2014 moved to the “Opposition

Recall, February 15, genprokuratury Lutsenko said Nestor Shufrich and two other deputies are suspected of tax evasion.

As previously reported, Lankaenews big checks in the state bodies.