In Britain, went missing in Russian

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— Surrey Police (@SurreyPolice) on March 2, 2017

On the police website indicates that Ivanelo 21. Law enforcement agencies have published video footage from a surveillance camera on the train, Dating back to February 25.

“The student was traveling from Clapham Junction (London), Claygate (Surrey) approximately 15.37 (18.37 MSK)”, — stated in the message accompanying the video.

“We hope that these photos will help people to remember where and when they can see Victor. We need to establish where he went after leaving a friend’s house in Esher (Surrey) early Sunday morning. I really hope the information,” — said in a statement by the senior police inspector Amy Buffoni.

Ivanelo had left a friend’s house in Esher at 2 p.m. Sunday, February 26, in the area of 11.40 in the morning his bag was discovered in the London suburb of Chessington. Then about 30 police officers started to “comb” the area around, but found nothing.

“For five days none of the relatives and friends of Victor received no news from him. We ask all to remember what he looks like, and pay attention,” — said in a statement Buffoni.
Victor Ivanelo missing in Britain