A horrible tragedy in Kiev: a baby girl on the day of her birth, March 8, thrown right into the street – it became known what happened with the child then

The baby was not killed by luck. It was found by a woman walking the dog. The incident occurred in Kommunarskiy district of Zaporozhye, the baby was found about 110 schools in the middle of the street Steshenko.

The girl was lying right on the pavement, she was
wrapped in a towel, reports “Dialog. UA”.

Arrived on call germinability no
signs of visible injuries on the girl’s body was found. On the baby first
came across this dog, then to a terrible discovery has been run and the mistress.

“The child is alive, the umbilical cord is not processed and
torn, the skin visible signs of hypothermia”, – told the employee of
the press service of the patrol police of Zaporozhye Julia

The place was caused by the cynologist with a dog and
it turned out that had traces of men and women who went from place to place
PE to garages near the house 60 on the street

We will remind, earlier in Kievoblgas the man with the dog was rescued newborn baby.

It was also reported that in the Zaporozhye region
mother after rodoviria just throw your child – put the child in a bag and thrown near
high-rise buildings.