2017 Volkswagen Arteon showed

Arteon new cars Volkswagen, the German automaker, this is the replacement for model GK, it was revealed ahead of its debut at the Geneva motor show.

First announced the concept sports coupe in 2015, the new five-door fastback slots in the line above Volkswagen eighth generation Passat, with which it shares its platform, engines, chassis, and interior.

The style attribute Arteon boss of Volkswagen brand design Klaus Bischoff describes it as “the beginning of a new era of design.”

Set to challenge the new Vauxhall Insignia Sports British Grand Prix sales will begin in the third quarter of 2017, it retains a very modern line enter the sport coupe concept, albeit with detail changes to its prominent grille, which is part of the distinctive full-Width front new Volkswagen models in combination with its led headlights.

Additional design elements carried over from earlier concepts include a contoured clamshell-style bonnet, highly detailed air duct in the front bumper, heavily flanged wheel arches, prominent shoulder line along the flanks, a characteristic of the recesses in the bottom of the door, curved roof line, muscular rear conjectures, fastback rear door, horizontal led taillights and twin trapezoidal exhaust pipes form an integrated in the lower part of the rear bumper.

In Arteon will be offered with three different styling packages: standard, elegance and R-line. The majority of sporty appearance, the new five-door fastback gets the glossy black air intakes in the front, uniquely styled bumpers, chrome decoration in the bottom of the body, 18-inch alloy wheels and chrome exhaust pipes.

In 4862mm in length, 1871mm in width and 1427mm in height, Arteon 60 mm longer, 16 mm wider and 10 mm taller than its predecessor, COP.

Inside, the new fastback Wolfsburg adopts an updated version of the Passat’s dashboard and interior trim. Among a number of high end options is active-high definition Volkswagen information display as alternatives to the traditional analog instruments and also installed in the center of a 9.2-inch monitor infotainment system with touch and gesture control.

With a wheelbase of 2841mm – 131mm some more than CC, and 51 mm longer than the existing Passat, Volkswagen requirements Arteon offers class-leading rear room space. Nominal capacity of the boot is 563 litres, around 33 litres more than the CC, the increase in 1557 litres when the 40:20:40 rear seats folded down.

Among the new developments brought to the new Volkswagen is a revised version of the German automaker’s emergency Assist System driver assistance. And also to be able to bring the car to a full stop when it detects the driver is incapacitated, as before, it now allows the automobile to change lane before stopping to avoid a possible collision.

In Arteon will be sold with a choice of three turbocharged four-cylinder with gasoline direct injection and three-and four-cylinder turbocharged common rail diesel engines from launch in the UK later this year.

Among the petrol aggregates is a company of Volkswagen’s newly developed 1.5-liter engine that produces 148bhp 1.5 TSI base Evo. He joined from the beginning the German automaker more familiar 2.0-litre power unit with 187bhp or 276bhp, 2.0 TSI.

The trio of diesel models in the new line Arteon all use the same 2.0-litre engine, albeit in different States of tune, while buyers can choose between 148bhp, 187bhp and 236bhp variants of the SCR-equipped fuel injectors on the 2.0 TDI.

In 148bhp 1.5-litre petrol and 148bhp and 187bhp options the 2.0-litre diesel engines are fitted with a standard six-speed manual transmission, while the 187bhp and a 276bhp 2.0-litre petrol and a 236bhp 2.0-litre diesel engines receive a standard seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

Transversely mounted channel drive motors on the front wheels in all but the most powerful 2.0 TSI and 2.0 TDI models, which work on the fifth generation version of Volkswagen 4motion electro-hydraulic system with four-wheel drive as standard.

Additional powertrain options, including gasoline-electric hybrid unit that you plan to add later.

In Arteon will be produced at Volkswagen’s Emden plant in Germany along with the eighth generation Passat in June.

Competing cars including BMW 4 series Gran coupe and Audi A5, the model is scheduled to start at above £30,000, a significant increase in CC, which starts from £25,475.

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