Yarmolenko: the Important thing is that we played until the final whistle

Yesterday Dinamo beat Marseille thanks to a goal by Artem Besedin in stoppage second half time (1:0).

About the match against Marseille: “it was a tough game against Marseille, but most importantly, we played until the final whistle, and we managed to score this goal” — quoted Yarmolenko official website of Dynamo.

Why failed to score more: “It’s football. Sometimes, the opponent has no points, but you miss, and it happens that your team has a lot of chances but don’t score. Can’t say that in the first half we had a lot of opportunities, on the contrary, he was almost without them, and in the second we played in attack more aggressively, and the chances began to appear.”

Rating debut tamás kádár: “Well (smiling). Well, when the debut ends in victory.”

About why Kadar was not celebrating a goal: “Maybe strength was gone (smiling). Yet, perhaps, he’s still a bit heavy, we are not quite understand each other. But a month has not passed since then, as he is in the team. Most importantly, from game to game added. I think he’s a good defender, which will bring many benefits Dynamo”.

On the pitch at the Olympic: “don’t know why, but the last two years in the spring the field is poor. I don’t want to offend anyone, it is clear that people are working, but even if you compare with the field in Zaporizhia, it was much better.”

Why in the second half, began to shift from the flank to the center: “the Coaching staff told me. The coaches saw me tight playing left-back, and they were asked to leave in the middle, in order to diversify our attack.”

About the atmosphere in the team in connection with the care Makarenko, Moraes, Smooth and Gromov: “we Have a normal atmosphere in the team. It was always normal. Of course, it is hard to leave friends, but that’s football, you need to move on. I could wish his Wife, Moraes, Sana’a Smooth, Gromov only good luck in your new clubs. We are always and at any moment can to support each other”.

The potential of the current team of Kiev: “I think everyone can see: young guys don’t just leave room on the field, and fight for the logo on the chest, and most importantly. Of course there’s some mistakes, but I think they will pass with experience, after you have played a certain number of matches. The little guys will grow up, and a club like Dynamo, get good players”.

In the next round Dinamo will play on the road with the Zirka.