The heroine of Julia Roberts in “Pretty woman” had to die

However, in early versions of the script the film was not a happy ending. In the first version, she had taken cocaine, and one of the conditions of the deal with Edward was a complete failure from drugs. Vivian couldn’t keep the promise, and so eventually the businessman gets rid of it, ejecting from the car. In one version of the script, she went with a friend to Disneyland and the other dies from a cocaine overdose. “You have no idea how much time we argued about which version is better”, — says General Director of the Studio DreamWorks Animation SKG Jeffrey Katzenberg (Jeffrey Katzenberg), which was formerly known as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Walt Disney Company.

In the end, disney, the producers have decided that will make a big mistake, if not rewrite the script. The film, which at first was called “$3,000” (the same amount Edward offers Vivian to stay with him a few days), renamed in “Pretty woman”. The cast also suffered changes. Initially the role of Edward was offered al Pacino (Al Pacino), but he refused from it. Vivienne had to play jodie foster (Jodie Foster), who already played a prostitute in the film by Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese) Taxi driver (Taxi Driver). Then from the role of Vivien refused Daryl Hannah (Daryl Hannah), best known for playing one-eyed assassin in the film of Quentin Tarantino (Quentin Tarantino) “Kill bill” (Kill Bill). The actress turned down the role of Vivien, thinking that after the release of the film will feel like a tainted woman. The main female role could also get Meg Ryan (Meg Ryan), but in the end disney, the producers have approved the candidacy of Julia Roberts.