Porsche 911 to get half of this latest version and of a major change project

Porsche looks ready to make a big conceptual shift for the design of a 53-year-old 911, and for the first time to put a mid-engined version in the sale.

Porsche Motorsport manager for high-performance cars, Andreas Preuninger, has told Autocar: “There is nothing of the arrival, but in the medium term, it does not rule [a mid-engined 911].” He added: “I think that the addition of a bit of excitement for the car in this way would not be bad.”

Preuninger is the chief, Frank Walliser, confirmed that there was a significant interest of the customer in a car like this. Porsche Motorsport has a proud tradition of listening closely to its customers, a reason why a manual transmission is now once more on the last 911 GT3.

The mid-engined 911 will be relatively easy for Porsche to produce, not least because the machine already exists in the race RSR form and has shown his potential second place in the 24 Hours of Daytona in his first appearance. There is no problem with the rear seats because of the 911, GT have always been approved for two seats. And now that Porsche has only one Motorsport engine which is used in everything from normal street GT3 for the last engine mid-race RSR, engineering for the car, this should be relatively simple.

Furthermore, despite the fact that normally aspirated 4.0 litre engine produces 493bhp and revs to 9000rpm, has a considerable potential for additional development. Walliser says that the maximum that I have seen so far is 608bhp with the engine screams on the bench”.

Just what the mid-engined 911 will be called is not clear. You may have a new name, to adopt the same RSR acronym of its racing counterpart, or use one of the existing cars from the street names.

What is certain is that Porsche does not think that the car is in no way heretical to the 911 brand. When asked if Porsche could you really call a car a 911, Walliser said, “we’re already doing.”

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