Most severe bombardment of Horlivka: more than 11 houses were seriously damaged, the extent of enemy provocations – the horrific

Data for the civilian victims did not arrive yet. In the occupied city major damage suffered not only residential flats, but also private homes.

Nearby towns
were left without electricity, after obstrelivaya broken high voltage
power line reports “Dialog. UA”.

As of 15:00,
known information about the 11 damaged houses, 63 substations are still without
power in zaytsevo, Golmovsky and Mine 6/7 discontinued operation 19 the boiler.

restore lines after the damage, but for today 5 March
restore will fail.

The greatest destruction on
the streets Rudnev, where damaged 7 houses, also shells of the terrorists fell on
the houses located on the streets of Rumyantsev, Kondratenko, Chernyakhovsky.

Earlier subsalsum the bombardment of Yasynuvata district, were published photos of destructions. The 78-year-old
pensioner burnt down a garage and a car.