Jürgen Klopp says Liverpool have work to do to avoid the repetition of Burnley clash

Jürgen Klopp has admitted Liverpool’s lack of quality, and that Burnley will beat him again on Sunday, at least that creates the mood and trust among his players.

Liverpool lost 2-0 at Burnley on the 20th of August, in one of his poorest displays this season. On Saturday they beat Arsenal by 3-1, but this came after a 3-1 defeat at Leicester City in the previous game. Despite defeat to Arsenal lifted Liverpool back into a Champions League berth, two points clear of Arsène Wenger’s fifth-placed side, Klopp is worried about the inconsistency.

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While Liverpool have taken 19 points from a possible 27 against the other six teams that have struggled against those in lower positions, as the defeats by Burnley and Leicester indicate. Liverpool also lost to Bournemouth drew at Sunderland and were beaten by Swansea City at Anfield.

Asked about this, Klopp pointed out a lack of quality. “I don’t want to do too much too philosophical – it is, obviously, in the case that we are inconsistent. I know that we don’t have to doubt the attitude, and the type of attitude that usually are looking for here against Arsenal; they were very motivated and that you can not play so if you have any problem. But we’ve fought in other games. So, OK, you say that it is about quality and, sometimes, probably, yes, you do not have the quality. But with the quality that they have potential, and make the quality of the work and all of those things.

“If we judge the players after the best game of the season, then sign a contract for six seasons; if we do it after Leicester, then change the whole team. But the truth is always in the middle. That is what we are working, really working. There will be times when we play like that [against Arsenal] and win again – and that is what we have done this season, in fact – and it will be against a team not in the top six. But we have to work on it in the first place, we have to feel like it is possible.”

The form of the loss of Sean Dyche’s side in the month of August is a cause for concern, as Liverpool were overrun in midfield and were susceptible to the counter attack. Klopp is the intention in the creation of their players ‘ confidence to avoid a second disappointing reverse.

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He said: “all week [that comes] is different. When the week starts after Leicester all the world was mad, then we produce this performance against Arsenal. But then the question is immediately about Burnley and it starts already: ‘Oh, how can we do this?” The legs feel already very heavy for the next game. My job is to produce the right mood, and I feel especially responsible after the not-so-good performances, [so] we work on it.”

Klopp is sincere that disappointing results are likely to affect their players ‘ spirits more than positive. Referred to the 1-0 victory over Manchester City on the Eve of New Year and the draw at Sunderland three days later.

“We’ve played Man City – they are really strong, we won 1-0. If this victory had given us so much confidence as the draw at Sunderland, had given us a blow, then everything would be fine. But it was not so. The City of man was: “we can do sometimes’; Sunderland was: ‘Yes, that is the usual thing in the face.’ So we have to move forward in these parts and then, finally, probably everything will be fine. I don’t like the inconsistency, I made it pretty clear, but in the end, until now, was part of the deal, obviously.

“The important thing in a development that takes the information that is obtained, to work with him. Most of the info, you don’t like it … We are all a little like this: we let the bad things that influence us more of the good things, otherwise we were going to celebrate our birthday, maybe more than a day.”

Despite his concerns, Klopp is confident of the unit. “Especially at this time, the club is completely together. All the world is waiting for that should already be in another place [top]. I understand that this is our goal, and that is where we want to be. We are completely fine, the owners are beautiful, they are completely with us, the players – we have a wonderful relationship. But that does not mean that they tell us every day what they want to hear. This means that we are working on things that are not as good as [it should be].”