In the Russian Church called for the sterilization of homeless animals

Moscow. March 7. INTERFAX – the Founder of Russia’s first Church shelter for animals Archpriest Peter Hirsch was called to sterilize homeless animals.

“Sterilized animal losing the function to get in packs and becoming aggressive”, – he said at a round table dedicated to cooperation of the Russian Orthodox Church and the animal protection and environmental organizations on Tuesday in Moscow.

When father Peter first proposed to sterilize his charges, he was horrified, but later realized that “urbanization is the only way”.

“Urbanization has deprived the animals of nature, they are God created not exactly in an urban environment,” he said, so “when animals emit, they are not in natural conditions, they kicked to death, to suffering”.

“Say, “release the kittens, let them catch mice in the basement”, but there they are faced with infections, fleas, rats, they are rotting away,” said father Peter in charge of the orphanage at the Ilinsky temple in the village of Lemeshovo.

According to the remark of the priest, the sterilized animal does not lose their natural skills, “cat continues to catch mice”, their life expectancy is not reduced, sterilization contributes to the prevention of cancer in animals.

In turn, the member of the expert Council on ecology at Moscow city Duma Elena Ivanova spoke in favor of preferential sterilization of Pets to owners-pensioners, because sterilization is an expensive procedure, and called for the rejection of the programs of the urban homeless animals.