Chelsea and Hammers on his anvil. Notes on Monday evening

Seems to be the usual match of the championship England – middle peasants with money against undisputed leader and, accordingly, favorite, moreover, that the favourite and won. However – like it or not, Derby. However – scored “Olympic”. However, their relationship even in the current season, for West ham knocked Chelsea out of the League Cup at this very stadium and the fans as something bad behaved…

However, to think this match made a different story. The team of Antonio Conte suddenly clearly to hurt the eyes of the opponents, showed so perfect counterattacking football that don’t know, could there be anything more beautiful and who are able to compete with the current Chelsea. (Yes I know, I know that all will be reconciled at the European competitions next season, but let me enjoy the moment!) You can, of course, to remember the two counters at the end of the away match against man city, which brought 3:1 victory and opened a fantastic winning streak (“Hello Luba, I’m back!”), but the owners in despair unfolded. Here everything looked a little different.

1. Against a great team it takes one mistake in front of goal and you’re already stuck his head in the noose. Intercept the edging on the left edge of the Chelsea defence and the flank turns the fan kicking on the breaks as if designed to remind you how deadly can be a fan in the hands of a trained killer! Azar, awkward pass, perfect wagering Pedro, the offset of the hazard, all readable on the face of the goalkeeper West ham Randolph, blow – 0:1.

2. Absolute perfection is unattainable, and Chelsea proved this constipation two stunning rolling, comprehension, and speed of overcoming of the center of the field and, as they say, compression springs counter-attack. (Remember that “counter-attack” — basically, about football, but it was too familiar a term. Strictly correct terminology to write and says “counter attack”.) Remember how Costa waved his foot after a cross from hazard, and then finished off Moses and Pedro? And with a pass from Cahill – that’s really brilliant assistant, huh?! – it all started?!

That’s the real beauty of football. If they are also scored… Something like this said Vladimir Maslachenko while reporting on the FIFA world Cup 82 France – Northern Ireland, when Platini and the company has drawn some particularly tricky lace.

3. Goal West ham — one of the most spoonfuls of tar, and a reminder that Conte still needs to work, there is nothing about inter reflect. Pruning of Cesc Fabregas, exactly the same ruthlessness West ham, desperate Courtois and a minute nerves. It is not good.

4. How different is the game of hazard this season! Only if the injury thing? Or still melted poor Mourinho, drove his force in the DOJ?! Nothing, they soon will meet again)))

5. And Diego Costa?! It is his goal thigh – mmm! And as he pass Azar spun the defender and forced the Randolph to make the save incredible beauty!

6. According to the statistics Chelsea have lost this game. BU-ha-ha.

7. Wondering how to inspire the players the news that they have after three or four years there will be a new stadium, and yet have somewhere to move? As you know, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan approved the plan of construction of a new stadium Chelsea on the site of ancient, historical, beloved, etc. of the stadium Stamford bridge, and the builders of the Allianz Arena and the “Bird’s nest” already start to work over some 500 million pounds (hence the rumors about Abramovich selling shares in the club to the Chinese)!

I did. I hope that will continue as well.