In Donbass the ATO forces conducted a brilliant in the operation and destroyed the tank of fighters: volunteer reported about the great success of the APU Avdeevka direction

Not reported, was eliminated and the terrorists, but the volunteer said that for the last three days the ATO soldiers have made great strides in the liberation of Donbass from invaders.

About the destruction of the fighters of the enemy tank APU Avdeevka direction in Facebook said volunteer and group coordinator
“Stop the terror” Simon Kubakaev.

According to him, the soldiers
Ukraine over the weekend showed brilliant results in the struggle with the Russian

“Our guys
only need to give the command from the sector. And so we follow
“Minsk”. Very happy for the results three days”, wrote a brief message Kubakaev.

Earlier it was reported that in
the ATO guerrillas were eliminated “Ural” arrived in the Donbass Russian mercenaries.The losses of the militants were significant in the ranks
the terrorists there was a great panic.