1163bhp Zenvo TS1 GT anniversary model revealed ahead of Geneva

This is the Zenvo TS1 GT 10-year anniversary, a Danish super sports car, built on the occasion of the maker’s 10th of the year.

Revealed online ahead of its debut at the Geneva motor show, the carbon-fibre body, rear-wheel drive, mid-engine two-seater produced 1163bhp of its flat-plane crankshaft twin-compressor engine with a 5.8-Liter V8.

Drive transmission to the rear wheels end via a fast-shifting gearbox with helical-cut. Gears are exchanged in 40 milliseconds. The top is at 250mph.

The car is an extensive redesign of the original ST1, for the first time at the Le Mans supercar parade In 2009. The price of just under £1 million.

“The TS1 GT begins a whole new era for Zenvo,” said veteran British supercar specialist, Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Zenvo commercial Director, the company recently after he was at McLaren, Lamborghini and Lotus. “It’s a Phoenix car is for us, literally. We have a new factory built on the Danish island of Zealand, our prototypes were testing in Lapland, a revolutionary new traction-control system, and we will soon be developed details of a new dealer network in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States, announce to the needs of customers, the wait for our cars.”


According to Gordon Stewart, there is a continued strong demand for the big-power supercars such as the latest Zenvo TS1 GT, the with a revolutionary “instant shift” manual gear change. However, preparing the organization for the future through the development of a hybrid EV, is understood to draw lots for the car of the existing hardware.

Zenvo, the original prototype from a notorious TV debut of catching fire during the early tests, it’s to the point, the establishment of an Advisory Board of the supercar experts-a plan, the Stewart, once of the Lotus – the are including McLaren F1 designer Peter Stevens, a longtime ally of Gordon.