“Putin? Yes, he has the same inferiority complex!” – Ukrainian pianist Gintov told how George W. Bush “potrollit” the Russian President on the talk show “the Ellen Show”

George W. Bush was a guest of the popular Comedy talk show “the Ellen Show”.

Leading asked
its about the current war trump with the press. Bush said, “When I had
to meet with all sorts of tyrants, I told them about how important a free press
and always cited the example of the United States.”

Leading asked
speaking of tyrants, whether he had in mind Putin. And I asked him about Putin.

Bush: “When
Putin was in Washington, I introduced him to my Scotch Terrier, Barney. Year
later, I was in Moscow, and Putin offered to show his dog. Has resulted in a huge
hound. Putin said, “bigger, stronger and faster than Barney.” (Laughter in the
hall.) This behavior speaks volumes. In other words, he has an obvious complex

Pavel Gintov,
Ukrainian pianist, Facebook.