The Swedish women’s team to replace shirt names with the messages of empowerment

The Sweden women’s team have eliminated the names on the back of football shirts in favour of the message to “inspire and motivate women to prove that everything is possible”.

Sweden, who finished second at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, has released the t-shirts this week, as they prepared to take part in the Algarve Cup.

‘Girls can do just as much as the boys’ groups: empowering young women

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The players were invited to collect the tweets most important Swedish women to be printed on the back of the jerseys, where their names appear normally. The initiative was launched by the Swedish Football Association, in the hope that it will inspire young women to believe more in themselves and that they can get what they want.

The Swedish captain Lotta Schelin, who picked up a message from the Swedish politician Gudrun Schyman, who says: “do not look down on someone, unless it is to help you,” he said: “The national team shirt is an important symbol and that which constantly reminds us that we can win any game in any competition.

“I think it is great that we can join forces with other strong women and that together we can demonstrate that everything is possible. There is always the need to show young women that success is possible and that no one should feel limited in what they can achieve, and especially not because of their sex”.

Niklas Bodell, the director of communications at the Swedish FA, said: “The initiative is in the first place, with the help of the national team, to highlight the power that comes with doing things together and the women’s team success is a good example of this. We also hope that it can inspire people to stand up for the other, despite who you are or where you come from.”

Magdalena Eriksson
Jag har valt att lyfta ett episode ‘ girls code too från @agnes_lo_ eftersom att jag spelar fotboll för alla de som kan inte. Eller får. #IDittNamn

February 28, 2017

Other women whose messages were printed on the back of the t-shirts are the artist Zara Larsson (“Believe in your damn self”), the journalist Frida Soderlund (“try to be successful. The result is secondary, as long as you have the courage”) and the stand-up comedian Karin Adelskold (“Women want different things”).

Sweden had beaten Australia 1-0 on Wednesday in their first match of the Algarve Cup, wearing new shirts, and then China on Friday.