Recapture the “orcs”: on the arc Svetlodarsk fighters ATO destroyed advanced intelligence group “DNR” volunteer Mysyagin

1 March Pro-Russian gangs have intensified shelling across the line of contact: the sounds of shelling were heard even in the rear. One of the “hot spots” on the map was the ATO Svetlodarsk arc.

The volunteer Yury Mysyagin reported that the Ukrainian military night
not slept, said “Диалог.UA”.

“Svetlodarsk arc not asleep. Taskbar. Our positions
mortars work, art 120 caliber and BMP-1. Very loud and sometimes light from
outbreaks. Not sleeping village Lugansk, Svetlodarsk and even in Bakhmut good
hear what is happening on the arc, which is about 35 km from the fighting,” – said

According to him, the mercenaries asked for a cease-fire.

“All war is over for “orcs”. They have no more advanced
intelligence group”, – said the volunteer.

Journalist Nazar Prikhodko wrote on the social network that the fighting in Svetlodarskoye
arc heard in Bahmut, was restless before and in the Lugansk, Donetsk region.

Fighter ATO Martin Brest confirmed the information about the strongest

Recall, March 1, invaders heavy fire from various
kinds origianally Avdeevka and Trinity. Meanwhile, in the United States is ready printlettergiven the decision to end the conflict in the Donbass.