Pro Dodon suddenly went against Putin: “I will appoint only their own people, and even in Russia, where you all decide”

Commenting on the sudden appointment to the post of Ambassador of Moldova in Russia Andrey Negutsa, the President of Moldova noted that all will now only ones.

So he gave
to understand that will decide who will represent his country in Russia, and the appointment of these people will depend on the willingness of the President
Moldova, reports “Dialog. UA” with reference to”Russian conversation”.

“I did it. In Moscow
now the President’s man”,
– said Dodon, commenting on
the sensational appointment of the adviser Negozi to the post of Ambassador of Moldova in Russia.

The reasons for Dodon
made castling, recalled that ex-Ambassador Dmitry Braghis from Moscow and almost immediately
Negusu appointed in his place, not voiced.In addition, members of the Moldovan Cabinet of Ministers unanimously supported the opinion Braghis from Moscow.

Noteworthy, Prime Minister of Moldova Philip sent Dodon list with 9 nominations for the posts
the heads of diplomatic missions.But he has refused to say
ambassadors to Belarus, great Britain and Austria.

Additionally, the Dodon demands from Russia to give the occupied Transnistria,calling the occupied territories the region

Takhasosi details scandalous Dodon’s statements about annexed Crimea.