The Russian army is preparing for a Grand funeral: the military buys a huge amount of flags of the Russian Federation for the decoration of coffins

While the defense Ministry buys 49 thousand flags-flags for the decoration of coffins. And most likely, it will not be the last order this year.

The Russian defense Ministry buys 49 thousand
state country flags for the decoration of coffins in the amount of 25 million rubles, reports
“Dialogue UA”.

The relevant data indicated in the documents
posted on the website “public Procurement”. All in all for funeral services in
2017, the Russian defense Ministry plans to spend up to 6.3 billion rubles.

Minoborony, has announced a tender for the purchase of banners,
banners and emblems for military units and staff, as well as flags for Park
“The patriot”. Only the Agency for these purposes is ready to allocate from the budget
36,5 million roubles. It is noted that most of the funds — 25 million rubles, will be
spent on the flags to cover the coffins of military rituals for the purchase of 49 thousand
of cloth of national flag of Russia.

It is known that for the first time, according to the website “public Procurement”,
The defense Ministry has purchased cloth of the national flag to cover the coffin in
December 2015. Then the Agency required 60 thousand of ceremonial flag.
However, the purchase did not take place, the contract was signed with
the Krasnodar firm “the symbol of the SOUTH.”

We will remind, recently Russian defense Ministry ordered 20 thousand awards
for “Participation in a military operation in Syria.”

As previously reported, the Russian defense
the Agency got angry because of the lies journalists LifeNews.