The main events of the week: Billboard from 2 to 9 March

The Saga of Wolverine coming to an end: this spring, on the screens out another film on Logan, and it promises to be the latest in a series about the X-Men. The film is set in the future: Wolverine inevitably grows old and his powers fade away, Professor Xavier loses his memory, however, the villains are not asleep. Against them comes to help the female clone of Wolverine, Laura Kinney, which is still just a kid. Starring Hugh Jackman, though visibly aged, has not lost its charisma and reinforced muscles.

If you were laughing so hard at the “Zeropolis” and moved “the Secret life of Pets”, a new creation from their creators you will be pleased no less. Watch as the inhabitants of the metropolis in the face of different types of animals, are casting a music project, hoping to break through to glory. By the way, voiced the role of a whole galaxy of Hollywood stars: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson and Taron Edgerton.

Matthew McConaughey got a taste of one interesting role after another. This time, he turned to polysevshy gold digger who believes in the dream and the opportunity to get rich through gold ore. For this, he finds himself a partner, Edgar Ramirez, and together they go to Indonesia to fulfill the dream and to find precious metal.

If you haven’t watched the acclaimed film-winner of the Cannes film festival 2016, we can do it this week. Kristen Stewartswimming in the outfits, Haute couture, and crossing Paris from one fashion boutique to another, communicates with his dead brother. Mysticism and fashion mix is not for the faint of heart.

Best charge the spring and positive atmosphere of London you will receive at a concert by British pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Her music is partly outdated and was probably relevant a decade ago, but to dance to it all want so fervently.

Musical Thriller Sweeney Todd — the spectacle is not for the faint of heart. Production by laureate of “Golden mask” Alexei Frandetti creates a full presence effect: the atmosphere of ancient London, a bloody entourage and the hero-maniac — it will be terribly interesting, no doubt. For the first time the musical was staged on Broadway in 1979 at the music of composer Stephen Sondheim.

The largest project of the Tretyakov gallery features art of the Khrushchev era from 1953 to 1968. It is a confusing time when, on the one hand, weakened the dictatorship of Stalin, and the cold war escalated, gave the artists an infinite ground for the realization of ideas and reflection of social processes. Exhibits diverse: it is possible to see paintings, sculptures, household items, fragments of feature films and more.

The project also will attend the Documentary Film Centre, which runs special film program — it combines documentary films about Soviet-era thaw. Pictures divided into 4 sections: the films of Herz Frank, non-fiction about urban life and, ultimately, war.

Piranesi was an Italian artist from the 18th century famous as the author of the graphic drawings of Rome and its architecture, but its influence on the formation of architectural styles is difficult to overestimate. Artist Sergey Reznikov is the largest of his followers and at the exhibition you will see the imaginary architectural and spatial landscapes in his performance.

The famous artist was fascinated by the culture of the ancient East, in particular Egypt and Assyria. The exhibition is her vision of the mythology of the Sphinx, the secret knowledge and wisdom. As the mysterious ancient creatures Golubkina portrayed ordinary people traditional Russian provinces.