The Kremlin shocked the Americans not only did not cancel anti-Russian sanctions, but did not send any signals

Russia’s permanent representative to the EU said about the complete lack of signals from Washington about the lifting of sanctions. Pro-Kremlin campaign rhetoric trump has introduced all confusing.

the representative of the Russian Federation to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov said,
the signals from the United States suggests that Americans are not willing to lift anti-Russian
sanctions, reports “Dialog UA”.

“Publicly of the things that are coming out
Washington, signs a revision of the sanctions policy is not clear”, — stated
Chizhov, adding that the EU representative Federica Mogherini recently called for the US and
could convey to Washington the unacceptability of the abolition of anti-Russian

Recall, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said
that the Russians should be prepared to preservation of restrictive measures on
an indefinite period, because in the West can do to immortalize
in the legislation.

As previously reported, the EU removed
sanctions with criminal authority Yura enakiyevsky (Ivanyushchenko), associate
Victor Yanukovych.