Loud failure of the Spanish mercenaries of “DNR”: eight terrorists were arrested, security forces know about all the “exploits” of militants

On the morning of 2 March, Spanish police simultaneously conducted a series of arrests of Legionnaires fake “DNR” and “LNR” in Barcelona, cáceres, Madrid, gijón and others were eventually detained eight mercenaries, openly confessed to the killings and participation in hostilities.

Combatants accused of involvement in the murder, possession of weapons and explosives, and committing acts aimed against the interests of Spain, writes “Диалог.UA” with reference to the “Novaya Gazeta”.

According to media reports, the Spanish “defenders of the Russian world” did not conceal information about their “heroism” in the Donbass. They gave interviews to local media, a photo with the arms out of the trenches published in social networks. In addition, some said that now know how to prepare explosives.

Spain became the first country in the EU, which started the arrests of the combatants. It is now known that on the side of the Donbass terrorists fought citizens of France, Serbia, Sweden and other countries.

We will remind, on the eve of “MGB DNI” rasprostranyaesh interrogation allegedly recruited by the SBU donchanka, which found out information about the militants. And George has Tocapital GPU and SBU not to delay the resolution of conflicts around the blockade and “nationalization” in the Donbass.