In the area of ATO Ukrainian military killed meanly, 8 defenders of Ukraine wounded in the ATO headquarters shared a heavy summary from the occupied Donbass APU heroically defends

One defender of Ukraine since the beginning of the day on March 2 killed, eight other Ukrainian servicemen were injured. Just for Thursday recorded 78 provocations by invaders.

Will beelicious hard-line attack intending to break through positions of forces ATO
the direction of Mariupol, reports “Dialog. UA”.

From RSZO BM-21
“Grad” militants fired 20 shells at the positions of AFU in the area
terrorists fired at Hnutove, Shirokino, Starognatovka, Lebedinskoye,
Marinka, Talakovka, Novogrigoryevka.

artillery the separatists “LNR” fired at ATO forces near Novozvanovka,
Novoaleksandrovka, Katerinovka, Crimean and Crimson.

In addition
MLRS, terrorists attacked the Ukrainian military positions with mortars, rocket-propelled grenades,
Infantry fighting vehicles, small arms, tanks.

it was on the Donetsk direction, here the invaders more than 7 hours continuously
fire at Avdeevka. The destructive impacts of the separatists was caused by the mine
Butovka, Experienced, Sands, Kamianka, Luhansk, Nevel, Holy Trinity etc.

in the shelling of the Town on 2 March,the occupiers left the building without glass, according to the latest destroyed one apartment.

In the city
recorded at least five hits enemy snaryadov for one