In Russia sabotaged the transfer of sentenced persons from annexed Crimea, inventing “very convincing” excuse

In the Ministry of justice said that the operation did not take place ostensibly for “technical reasons” and that the Russian side will agree with the Ukrainian authorities a new date for the transfer.

the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation announced that the scheduled transfer
12 prisoners from the occupied Crimea to correctional facilities
located on the territory of mainland Ukraine, did not take place for technical
reasons, reports “Dialog UA”.

“Move these prisoners March 3 is not
held for technical reasons. The transfer will take place after consultation with the
Ukrainian authorities the new acceptable date”, – said the representatives of the
the Ministry of justice.

A more detailed explanation of what “technical”
causes prevented to transfer to the Russian side languishing in their dungeons
convicts, the Department has not provided.

Earlier, Russia expressed its readiness to transfer
Ukraine 12 prisoners from the annexed Crimea on March 3. It’s not political
prisoners, and citizens convicted by the courts of Ukraine, before the violent seizure

As previously reported, the Ukrainian prisoners from the prisons of the separatists
“LDNR” can
exchange already the new formula.

We will add that in the annexed Crimea political prisoners held in the chamber with the patients