In Russia, brutally murdered a young teacher: the parents released horrific details from the life of the stabbed teacher

The girl’s body found in her house a young man who was younger sweetheart for 7 years. The deceased died from a stab wound, the murder of a teacher from Nizhny Tagil took place yesterday, March 2.

28-year-old Anastasia
Hanneman worked as a teacher in the school № 138, the dead remain young daughter,
reports “Dialog. UA” with reference to “Russian conversation”.

Native teacher
reported that the man often beaten Anastasia, and another discord pair
they went out of control criminal. Stabbed the girl was
suffered during the scandal, the guy grabbed a knife and thrust it into the body of his second

An ambulance was summoned neighbors, but
fast priehavshaya nothing could help the teacher – a young woman has died before arrival of doctors.

Mother Anastasia
said that the scandals for the pair were commonplace, but the young people all
I continued to live together. Once the tyrant broke Nastia hand, repeatedly
threatened with a knife.

The woman recognized that
her daughter tried to kill this man and end the relationship, but
the killer lived in the same house and did not let Anastasia pass.

During the arrest the offender
behaved calmly and did not resist the police. He also wrote
recognition. He initiated
a criminal case under article “Murder”. It is worth saying that the man had previously spent 1.5 years in a penal colony for what broke Nastia hand.

However, now he faces
a harsher term – till 15 years of imprisonment.

We will remind, not so
long Irpen is shocked with the brutal murder of a woman whose naked body which was found on the street.

Also we will add that in
Russia a sadistic father after a quarrel with Groznensky killed his newborn daughter.