General of the U.S. air force said four cases of rapprochement between NATO aircraft and Russian

MOSCOW, 3 Mar — RIA Novosti. Four separate case of dangerous rapprochement of planes of NATO and the armed forces occurred in one day on 10 February, said the commander of U.S. forces in Europe, General Todd Walters.

According to the General, in three cases it was about the Russian fighter su-24, another incident occurred involving anti-submarine aircraft Il-38.

The American military reported attempts to obtain information about accidents from the Russian side. “Sometimes we don’t get a response, which is preferred. Sometimes get no answer at all,” Walters was quoted by the Defense News portal.

The General believes that the threat of convergence can be caused by piloting error, and special line of conduct of the Russian pilots. He added that after the February 10 new incidents of this kind were recorded, and their total number in the last six months decreased significantly.

Earlier, the defense Ministry has repeatedly stated that all flights of videoconferencing was carried out in strict accordance with international rules.