Famous Islamic scholar believes a regular return of the singer Yulia Volkova to Orthodoxy from Islam

Moscow. 28 Feb. INTERFAX – the Return of ex-soloist of “Tatu” Yulia Volkova in Christianity is logical and revealing, says known Islamic scholar, Professor of MSLU Roman Silantyev.

As reported in last Sunday Yulia Volkova posted in Instagram photo, which she sealed in the temple, with the caption: “Forgive me for everything. Heart and soul I am with you”.

“Volkova is a completely common thing, and we’re not just about such cases you will hear. By my count, at least 10% of people in Russia, the host of Islam, later on this religion refuse because, for example, break up marriages,” said Silantyev the correspondent of “Interfax-Religion” on Tuesday.

According to him, a very high percentage of converts among those who accepted Islam for matrimonial reasons as Yu. Volkov, “that is, husband or lover insists on the adoption of Islam, and when the marriage didn’t work out after the divorce, they refuse Islam”.

Silantyev also cited the example of the singer Maria Weber and his ex-wife mufti of Karelia Victoria Weber.

He said that quite often people convert to Islam, do not stop at that and change the faith, or returning to the religion from which they had gone in Islam, and in Russia it is usually Orthodoxy or continue your spiritual quest further.

According to R. Silantyev, Islam moved many as received him, to members of the National Bolshevik party, as well as prisoners who become Muslims in prison out of selfish motives and, when released, from Islam refused.

“Those who accepted Islam for selfish reasons, often changed religion when these selfish considerations have disappeared. For example, the four Orthodox priests, who for the past 30 years has converted to Islam, in Islam there is only one, and that, in General, formally, another returned to Orthodoxy, the third converted to Judaism, and the fourth became an atheist” – said Silantyev.