Carpenter all “pressed” in Ukraine, the company decided to refocus on Russia: “LC” sounded impudent demand to the authorities of Ukraine and parts of “nationalization”

Mad Carpenter demanded from the owners of the Ukrainian enterprises in the occupied territory in what was to keep citizens of the “Republic” jobs and to provide them with a full benefits package.

From March 2017 on all
the enterprises of Ukraine, which are temporarily uncontrolled territories
the leader of “LNR” his “decree” imposed “temporary
administration” reports “Dialog. UA”.

notes that after this step, the terrorists, the militants will do so
called the reorientation of the economy
occupation in Russia and other countries.

“In this regard, I ask you to
4 March to develop a plan or at least a vision of how we will work in the near future
time,” dalmatinci mandated by their “Ministers.”

The terrorist has promised residents “LPR”,
all jobs at these enterprises will continue, and anyone
not to dismiss.

“You want to provide
social protection of all workers, whose establishment came under the jurisdiction
Republic,” brazenly stated the leader of the Carpenter.

Previously, experts said that
“nationalization” of Ukrainian enterprises in the occupied Donbass will hurt
by the occupiers,explaining on what basis such conclusions.

In addition, ally Carpenter
in senile statements, the leader of “DNR” said that the occupation forces are on the offensive and after 60 days, Ukraine will not be.