The seizure of a minibus in Kiev: the offender in camouflage wounded the driver and opened fire on the passengers – there footage from the scene of the resonant PE

Under physical threat of violence hijacker threw the bus driver out of the salon, and then opened fire in the air, greatly frightening the passengers. They subsequently managed to run out, and the offender fled. There is preliminary evidence that the bus driver received gunshot wounds.

The shocking incident occurred today, March 2,
nitroamine in the morning, near one of the supermarkets, according to “the Dialogue.

As reported,
unknown broke into the bus and started a gun to threaten the driver
requiring you to exit the vehicle.

Arrived on the scene, police began a pursuit,
stolen bus failed to stop after about 10 shots. During the chase
was damaged 3 cars, including a police patrol car.

It is also reported that the offender stole a bus
No. 544, it happened on the street Malyshko, 15.

After an attacker drove up in
the direction of the railway station “Troyeshchina”, he ran out of the bus and disappeared.

Signs of the criminal: height 170-185 cm, on view
30-35, was dressed in black camouflage.

Earlier subsalsum stolen in Russia truck,which was estimated at 4 million rubles. The truck was never found.