The European Commission urged Russia to cancel the law on decriminalization battery


“We call on the institutions of Russian authorities to repeal the law and fully adhere to international standards of human rights,” said jourova, speaking in Brussels at the session of the European Parliament, which held a debate in connection with the adoption of the Russian law on decriminalization of the battery.

Previously, the law was signed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The draft law is aimed at eliminating ambiguous interpretation of the provisions of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, which emerged as a result of the adoption in July of 2016 the law on liability for battery against loved ones.

The draft law was submitted to the Duma a number of deputies and senators, including Yelena Mizulina, once in July 2016 was passed another law establishing criminal liability for a beating of family members and loved ones. As noted then, Mizulina, the law allowed to punish with imprisonment up to two years only for the “slap in the family.” The responsibility for the beating with no harm to the health of the stranger was not so serious, said the Senator.

The current law excludes in article 116 of the criminal code assault against family members and loved ones of those crimes. Thus, these actions will be related to administrative offences. Improvements apply to the beatings inflicted by a family member or a loved one for the first time. In case of repetition will occur criminal liability.

As previously stated the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, identified family violence as some minor manifestations and exaggerated to evaluate it from a legal point of view, is hardly appropriate, “we need to clearly differentiate between family relationships and some recurrent cases.”