Scary threat: an armed hijacker of the bus in Kiev was not found. Witnesses chase shared terrifying details of the incident and said the gunman was shooting at people

Police are continuing to distribute the composite sketch of an armed criminal that is still on the morning of March 2, hijacked a bus, then leaving the chase the police threw it near the railway tracks and fled. According to preliminary data, the bandit can be in one of the basements or vacant houses on Rusanivsky gardens.

Motorolamp3ringtonesindian according to eyewitnesses.The attacker is not more than 40 years old, height 175-180 cm, round face, dark eyebrows, large, dark eyes, average nose, full lips, average athletic build, reports “Dialog. UA”.

“He was dressed in desert camouflage, a dark jacket and dark hat”
– told the witnesses.

The police warned residents of the capital that at the sight of the bandit they do not in any case do not try to detain the offender, and immediately called the police.Offender as of 18:00 not found.

The fact is, on Rusanivsky gardens is 3200 houses.

“He could “jump” in any of them. Most of the houses are “uncovered”. He could hide in any of the cellars”,
– says one of the witnesses of the incident.

Criminal day trying to catch witnesses, but the man was to aim a gun in a crowd of people in the city train station and wounded one of militiamen.

Now search for the perpetrator involved dog handlers, the staff of territorial administration of the police and special forces.

Become a witness of state of emergency Natalya from Kiev told me that her son-in-law also tried to stop the attacker, because he had a traumatic gun. However, the man himself was wounded.

“Son-in-law saw a criminal aiming at a crowd of people, and one woman pointed a gun right in the chest. Son-in-law has warned that will shoot, but did not expect that the offender shot him in the leg. After being wounded-in-law was able to run to the pole, and fell, and the police began to chase the thug on”,
– the woman told.

Recall coproscopic seized the bus along with the people today on the morning of 2 March. He kicked the passengers out of the bus and wounded the driver.

Then driving in a stolen bus, the man began to shoot from the window of a minibus at a police patrol.