Video: Five stars for Land Rover Discovery in latest Euro NCAP results

The Land Rover Discovery, Audi Q5 and Toyota C-HR have scored the maximum five stars in the latest Euro NCAP results.

The Fiat 500 and the Ford Ka+ registered three stars on each, this is worse than the four stars of the Citroën C3.

Euro NCAP said that the Discovery was awarded five stars, but it was not “without problems”. He said that the driver airbag in the frontal offset test, because of the insufficiency of the pressure, while in the side barrier test, the driver’s door became unlatched.

“Jaguar Land Rover has an ambitious program of new model releases in the years to come,” Euro NCAP secretary general, Michiel van Ratingen, said.

“We hope that this tight schedule, and tight development time does not compromise the safety of vehicles on offer, and we hope that they will take our findings on board.”

Recently facelifted Fiat 500 and the all-new Ford Ka+ two lack at the rear of the safety belt pretensioners and load limiters, which are standard on most cars on the market, as well as the autonomous emergency braking, which is offered on the half of the new models of today.

Euro NCAP said the 500 showed poor protection of the driver and passengers in the rear of the front face of the test, whereas the Ka+ had a very poor protection of the chest.

“Unfortunately, high hopes for the segment are overwritten by Ford releasing a brand new Ka+ with poor safety performance,” van Ratingen said.

“The new C3 shows that a respectful way of scoring is feasible also for superminis,” he added.

Ford was expecting this result and argues that the low cost of the car is in safety.

“We try to give our customers the best value possible,” a spokesperson said.

“Obviously, these sophisticated security technologies cost a considerable amount of money, and which should be passed on to the customer. We have studied the market closely and decide what is a necessity for the buyer and it would not be. But it is a safe car,” they added.