The Volvo XC60 to the function of crash-avoidance steering support system

The Volvo XC60 will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show with a new automatic steering system, care system which is claimed to significantly reduce the chances of an accident.

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The technology works with the car’s city safety automatic braking technology at the speed of a 31-62mph, turning the wheels away from the impact in the event of a braking alone is not enough to prevent it.

In the case of an impact with an oncoming vehicle, the system can also drive the car on the correct side of the road. This part of the system operates at a speed of 37-87mph.

Car specced with an optional blind spot information system can use the technology to avoid potential impacts with cars that are not impaired by the driver. The active steering system can take control of the wheel to direct the car from a vehicle before contact.

“In Sweden alone, we have seen a decline of around 45% in rear-end crash front due to our collision warning with auto brake system,” said Malin Ekholm, Volvo’s senior director in the security center. “With the XC60 we have decided to take the next step in the reduction of avoidable collisions with the addition of steering support and assistance systems.”

The new technology represents a step towards Volvo’s target is for no one to die its new models by the year 2020.