The rules of life. Alberto Zaccheroni

I am one of those trainers who prefer to work a lot on the football field. I’d rather deal with players exercise during training, rather than theoretical calculations. This approach also helps.

I have always had a strained relationship with the President [Milan Silvio Berlusconi] and I often heard him taunt me. Many have lost faith in me even in the summer, but, in my opinion, we played very well, if we were not injured, it would have been quite different

Mourinho is aggressive and tactically limited coach. He is one of those who always need an enemy. When the enemy is, he turns his aggression. I do not appreciate this human quality. I once sent coaches to watch the pre-season training with inter. In the evening they called me and said there was nothing to learn.

I think Mourinho would be happy in Italy 80 years ago, when the country was ruled by Benito Mussolini, ruthlessly stopping all dissent

Scudetto earned ten months, and through suffering

Many who regretted that I was not able to improve the situation of Juventus, but I ran into difficulties, which was not expected. A good coach when given the opportunity to choose. We had too many injured players.

Ale (Alessandro Del Piero) and Totti is totally different. I say that because you know what they say. Del Piero would do anything to win with Juve. By “anything” I mean, among other things, and consent to sit on the bench without talking, then out at the last minute and scoring the decisive goal. Alex is not a danger, it is an additional weapon.

The Japanese traditionally derive strength from the team, they’re a team. The Honda has some makings of a leader, but he is not behaving like a leader. On the other hand, he is a public figure: different and the behavior and manner of dress, and even in an interview is never banal. In the national team he always behaves in an exemplary manner, without any signs of star fever: works and is laid out along with all. During the three and a half years that I was coaching the national team of Japan, I am very pleased with the behavior of Keisuke. He always showed himself a true professional, and even when it was injured, tried to come to Tokyo to train under the supervision of our experts. A serious guy.

If someone wants to buy Japanese to build barricades on the field, it’s better to find someone else. In contrast, if you want to play technical football, then they will be useful. Because they are serious, reliable, well equipped technically and unspoiled.

In the soccer plane I set myself a goal to show respect for Japanese culture, and to present their ideas, creating a balance between attack and defence. However, I was not trying to deprive my players of creative initiatives in the field, because the Japanese are innate dreamers. They just are and I don’t want to go against this culture.

Japanese culture is developing in all aspects of life — not only in the football plane. It seems to me that Japan soon will become a powerful force in the world. The Japanese and discipline, and adequate cultural development, and very talented young players. The future looks very bright.

I was in China and asked local businesses what they know about the company that is going to buy Milan. And you know what? About it nobody knows anything. I think that Berlusconi is once again trying to circle around nose.

Mourinho and Benitez is a great coach, but they have diametrically opposed ideas about football.

I never make long term plans, preferring to move from match to match.

The coach should be enough power, and it should be enough not only to themselves but to others.