Shakespeare: asked the players of Leicester and not to forget, what they are capable of

Yesterday Leicester at home without any problems href=”” — 3:1.

“To warm up the eyes of players it was evident that they ready to fight. Lester had to answer critics. We dominated the game and in the first 10-15 minutes showed just excellent football,” Shakespeare said after the match.

“Until the end did not know what to expect. At Vardy it was a great evening. Told him that he often threatened the goal. It’s just one match, but the start put. I want to pay tribute to our fans. It is clear that they were worried about the team’s results, but they were magnificent”.

“I never doubted the professionalism of our players. Seen in training that they are very hard to survive criticism, but it only makes them angrier. The players understand that they are responsible for the latest results.”

“Should focus on the match against Liverpool, although this is only one match. Before the game I told the players not to forget what they’re capable of. My task was to prepare the team for the clash with Liverpool, and I achieved it”.

“Let’s see what will happen next. Too early to tell, but I think that the club would contact me if the team will be positive changes.”