Media: Russian aviation bombed in Idlib province – there are victims among the civilian population

As a result of airstrikes on the city Ariha, which is located in the Syrian province of Idlib, today, 27 February, killing at least 13 civilians.

In deadly air attack, the civil defense accused the Russian air force. This is with reference to Anadolu reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to the representative of the civil defence Mohamed HaShem, we know about the 13 dead. About 30 people are still under the rubble of buildings that collapsed after the airstrikes. Perhaps the death toll will be much higher, said HaShem. Just from the bombing injured three buildings.

As noted by the Syrian news Agency that the airstrike was carried out against the ceasefire. The agreement was reached in December of last year. Intermediaries were made by the representatives of Turkey and Russia.

Earlier “Диалог.UA”he wrote about the terrorist attack that occurred in Syria over the weekend.

According to the leader of “IP” Dmitry Tymchuk, militants in the Donbas are campaigning to participate in the Syrian military conflict.