5 consequences of “nationalization” of enterprises of Ukraine terrorists of Donbass: the militants talked about what a pit they themselves have dug, – the consequences of catastrophic

“External administration” terrorists in enterprises with Ukrainian jurisdiction entered exactly 00:00 on 1 March. Experts have told how now the events will develop and what this can mean for Ukrainians who remain in the temporarily occupied territories.

The first thing that happens blokirovaniya in the budget. Already at this time of loss, for example, in the key sectors,
metallurgy, by conservative estimates reach 4 billion, and total losses –
about 30 billion a year, reports “Dialog. UA”.

In comments to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”
analyst Andrew Wigierski said that no GDP growth in this
scenario will not happen, and in the best case, we will reach “zero”.

The occupiers should be clearly understood that dozens
thousand people in the occupied territory will remain without work and as a consequence
without salaries.

It is guaranteed to provoke
in the “Republic” large protests and discontent. It is assumed,
that soon the street will be at least about 100 thousand people.

As regards the consequences for Ukraine itself and
more precisely, for the Ukraine controlled areas, there will be seriously affected mechanical engineering,
significantly increase the cost of the metal and rolled as much will need
to substitute the imported components, and this will inevitably lead to higher prices.

Plus, “off”, the hryvnia.
The analyst predicts that soon the dollar will give not less than 30

“Minus 3 billion dollars of exports from
payment of the balance, plus an additional burden on imports (coal for hard currency
will have to buy at a price of 80 and more dollars per ton, multiply by
consumption and get about $2 billion). Currency to ensure imports are not enough, and as a result, the course would inevitably leave
up” – sums up the expert.

We will add, most ordinary occupants already in shock from the “nationalization” as one of the “depressed”
enterprises “Ukrtelecom” ceased to provide communication services and
The Internet in the occupied territories.

Also the leader of “DNR”Zakharchenko called the exact number of companies that under the guise of “nationalization”
captured terrorists.