The musical “La La land” received six “Oscars”

For Emma stone (Emma Stone) is the second nomination for “Oscar”: in 2015, she claimed the award for “Best supporting actor” for his work in the film “Birdman” (Birdman). The Director of “La La land” of Sazell Damien (Damien Chazelle) became the youngest Oscar-winning Director — he’s only 32 years old.

The musical with Emma stone and Ryan Gosling (Ryan Gosling) in the lead roles were also represented in other award categories — “Best actor”, “Best screenplay”, “Best costumes, Best soundtrack, Best sound, Best editing, Best sound mixing and Best film.”

During the announcement of the winner in the final category of the ceremony, there was confusion: the original best film of the year called “La La land”, while the winner in the category was “Moonlight” (Moonlight). Master of ceremonies Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel) apologized.