The best used Ferrari: to use buying guide

There was a time when it was possible, not necessarily wise, but of course it is possible to buy the “Ferrari” of less than £10,000. This allowed people to live a true car enthusiast dreams of a small emblem of the horse on the egg-yolk yellow background in their lives, at least until it turned into a steaming roads a nightmare.

Now prices for used Ferrari took off. But, strictly speaking comparative proposals remain. So which one to go, and which to avoid?

Dino 246GT

It is not a Ferrari at all, and no one bearing the name “Ferrari” and the icon is incorrect. Probably the slowest mainstream Ferrari ever offered for sale, but one of the sweetest to handle. To have not one awkward corner and gem racing motor V6, the Dino is considered one of the greatest hits of the Enzo. Insane prices has cooled a little late, but you still have to pay £ 300,000 for the right car.

Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer

Finally revived after many years as a Ferrari, that’s not quite true. These day people prefer to drool over his looks and attraction in the eyes of its extraordinary engine. At the beginning of the 4.4-litre 365GTBBs had six exhaust pipes, which made the students walk into the lampposts, but the medium carb fed 512BB better and then later injected 512BBi. To pay from £250,000.

Ferrari 308 gt4 from

Unloved because of its unpleasant Bertone body, it was the first 308 (the earliest cars were actually badged as dinosaurs) and the first Ferrari with a mid-engine V8, and a starting line that continues uninterrupted to this day. With a 3-liter engine, fed by the throaty four-Cam, Quad carb V8 as faster and better to drive than you think. To pay £45,000 and up.

Ferrari 308GTB

In the gt4 class at the Pininfarina-wrote sister was much prettier but not necessarily better to drive. At the beginning of the plastic housing ‘vetroresina’ cars are highly valued because they are rare, light and rot, but you will pay accordingly. Otherwise, the best are standard steel 308GTBs. If you want injected car to avoid limp 308GTBi and go to 32-valve instead of the GW or, better still, 328GTB. Just remember that everything looks and image, these cars were little or no faster than a standard 911 of the same era and harder, to the limit. £70,000 (£150,000 for vetroresina).

Ferrari 348tb

Terrible shifting and the prisoners approach to being driven over the limit 348 earned a bad reputation and prices have suffered as a result. But the appearance and engine is perfect and if You are going to drive doorhandles from him, probably worth a look. Paying from £45,000.

Have A F355 Ferrari

Still based on 348 but so much improved it’s like a different car. Prices went through the roof later, so buy very carefully or not at all. The earliest cars, live so to look for a car with an airbag steering wheel. It was also the first Ferrari to be fitted with paddle shifters, which is very slow and clumsy compared to its modern descendants, and probably best avoided. Pay from £80,000.

Ferrari 456GT

Perhaps, the most beautiful true four Ferrari’s local, has a superb engine with excellent handling and the first Ferrari in years without the Fiat parts bin interior. Accounts can be high, so choose carefully and budget really, but the right car is a graceful long distance Tourer. To avoid automatic. To pay from £65,000.

Ferrari 360 Modena

Really interesting choice. Younger, faster and stronger than the f355, but is now much cheaper. He loses a little bit about their appearance and comes off faster, although at a much higher limit, this is a fairly forgotten Ferrari now and maybe the meaning of the result. The exception is tasty stripped challenge stradale, but the prices of these ultra-rare cars are already far away. To pay from £60,000.

Ferrari 599GTB

Currently, several standing in the shadow of the current F12 Berlinetta, people seem to have forgotten that when the new 599 was hailed as a new Daytona, titanium, even in the rich history of Ferrari road cars. Still frighteningly quickly and correctly the driving pleasure. The GTO version was famous in its time, but now would not lag even with standard 488GTB. To pay from £120,000 (£450,000 for the TRP).

Ferrari F40

In what is still the ultimate Ferrari road car and certainly the most raw. It was the last car Enzo because the company got greedy and made a lot more than 1100 in the end – for a long time they were relatively cheap. No more. To pay from £70,000.

Ferrari 458

The last naturally-aspirated V8 and the car we have put a lot of long term investments. Excellent view, viceless handling and an engine that will not rest until scream to 9000rpm. Special faster and more brutal, but much harder car to live with. To pay from € 140,000 (£240,000 for Special).

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