Catholicism has more damage in Australia than Islam. Where is the outrage? | Kristina Keneally

There is no chance that the Sharia enshrined as a repressive criminal law in certain Muslim majority Nations, in Australia. Zero.

It seems ridiculous that this sentence must also be written. But the spat between Senator Jacqui Lambie and TV presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied on Q&A recently, and the uproar that followed, suggests that it works.

You think of the Australian institutions would have to completely collapse to this ridiculous idea become reality: the Bundestag, the länder parliaments, the Constitution, the courts, a free press, the rule of law, the armed forces, the democracy itself.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, she said nothing wrong. You should not have to face this poison | Joumanah El Matrah

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Who knew that Australian democracy was so weak that a young Muslim woman in conversation about their faith on national television would be your downfall? It is obvious infiltrate to, within, work for the ABC and will be sent on goodwill tours through the Department of foreign Affairs and trade. The outrage machine cranked itself to fever pitch, I search to destroy, Abdel-Magied is the credibility, reputation and their professional livelihood.

A word about the Sharia. I’m not a Muslim scholar, but I understand that it uses a difference between Sharia as a personal code of ethics and the sharia as that of repressive governments, and certain Islamic sects as a cruel Instrument of control.

I am relaxed about the former. For the generations of Muslims have lived in the Western countries and the Sharia law practicing, and obey the laws of the country. Thousands of Muslims living in Australia does exactly this. To carry you, my fellow citizens. Pray five times a day, if you want to, and don ‘ T mind me if I abstain from meat on Fridays in lent – it is only a Catholic thing, which I do. Don’t worry, I’m not expecting you to do it also.

I also know that our fellow Islamic citizens in Australia terrorize mostly together with me and the rest of us in condemning the Sharia as oppressive, archaic, rough and undemocratic code of the law, if it is used by extremist groups and governments and the control of Muslim people, especially Muslim women in some Muslim majority Nations.

I don’t know, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, but I know what it’s like to try to explain why she was a feminist and a member of a Patriarchal religion. It is inviting scorn and ridicule from some quarters.

I am a Catholic scholar. I’m a feminist. I can make a strong argument that Jesus was a feminist, while the Catholic Church is a sexist organization is strongly influenced by the Patriarchal Roman Empire. But it would be a lot of careful and thoughtful discussion, the kind of conversation that no large TV Some people would scoff at.

Abdel-Magied was trying to make a similar point about Islam, the prophet Muhammad and the subsequent Patriarchal interpretations of the Qur’an. Maybe she was naive to believe the “reality show” Q&A has been in the best place to sentences like “Islam is the feminist of all religions is” and “There is a difference between religion and culture.” Rates must be placed in the context of unpacked nuance.

Unfortunately, the context and the nuances are not large features of the conversation within the outrage machine, but the double standards are widely used.

It seems that any Australian Muslim who sticks her head in to the public is expected to declare that the own, and every terrorist act to condemn carried out by any Muslim extremist anywhere in the world. The outrage machine requires, and then, the same machine, the judge, if the words are sufficient.

Why is this not the same outrage applied to Australian Catholics? If we go to a body count of the Catholic clergy has done, more damage, more Australians than extremist Muslims. More than 4,000 reports of sexual abuse in the hands of the Catholic clergy out of the Royal Commission. God knows how many more that are not. Innocent Australian children and young people are the victims. Life ruined: suicides and mental illness, broken families, grotesque injuries.

Why the outrage machine is not the Catholic Prime Minister asking to condemn this horrific and sustained attack on the Australian end hear every time of the Commission of another victim of Catholic abuse?




Jacqui Lambie and Yassmin Abdel-Magied clash over Sharia law and Islam Q&A

Why are you not on a regular basis and challenge the Catholic Deputy Prime Minister and make it clear that he does not condone what they have done, some of the Catholic clergy?

Why are you not asking the Catholic leader of the opposition raised about whether or not cardinal George Pell should face questions in Australia? Oh, wait, the leader of the opposition said in Parliament two weeks ago that cardinal Pell should be sent to questions back to Australia. Why not the outrage, join the machine, the on the bandwagon popping up?

Why don’t you ask the government to make urgent the implementation of a national complaint proceedings, redress for the Catholic Church is the sacrifice?

Or the recording of Australian Catholics is beating just a little too close to home?

It is not easier, is to pick on the young woman with the towel on the head, or upset over two little girls in a hijab, all in the name of making Australia safe.

What brave defenders of the freedom of Australia, you are.