“Russia will play the game! A wet spot from her will be!!!” Ukrainians in social networks are outraged by the brazen attack of Armenia against Azerbaijan: Moscow suddenly at risk of losing billions of dollars

The resumption of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno Karabakh aroused the indignation of Ukrainians that link sudden attack of Armenia, conducted with the support of Russia, announced yesterday a plan of Azerbaijan to build its own gas pipeline to Europe, and to apply the most powerful competitive impact on the Russian monopoly Gazprom in the EU.

Data about the sudden armed attack by the army of Armenia
appeared today, noting the sudden attack and attempted to break through the front. When
it has long been known that the patronage of Yerevan is Moscow, supplying
weapons in military units of the Armenian army.

Also at yesterday’s meeting in Baku was agreed
the construction of a major gas pipeline to Europe is worth 40 billion dollars
and a length of 3,500 kilometers. The construction of the pipeline will deal a heavy blow to Russia
and reduce the profit of the Kremlin from the sale of gas in the European Union.

Ukrainians in social networks claim that immediate
the response of the Pro-Russian Armenia is linked with the threat of losing part of the European

Note, the Pro-Russian Armenia’s army on the night went to
attack using Grad and the President of Azerbaijan, Aliyev promised
to restore its territorial integrity and to give Armenia