Michael Cohen has strongly denied any “plan” by Artemenko and further transfer it to the White house

The personal lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump in an interview with NBC News, flatly denied that he received any plan from Andrey Artemenko on the surrender of the Crimea Russia for the further transfer it Flynn or the President of the United States.

Cohen did not deny that in the past
month he had a personal meeting with a former business adviser to trump Felix
Setter, where the Setter came with their friends. Friend Setter had
Andrei Artemenko, передаетNBC News reports”Диалог.UA” .

“The meeting between us
was, but it was pretty short, and I categorically deny that I was given
any “plans” for further delivery to the White house,”
stated Cohen.

Cohen also noted that in
a short meeting with the Setter and Artemenko the theme of Ukrainian-Russian relations and sanctions in General are not affected.

According to Cohen, Setter
introduced him Artemenko as a possible candidate for the next election for the post
the President of Ukraine, and Cohen was interested.

In addition, according to Michael Cohen, Andrew Artemenko told him that is undeniable evidence
corruption, the current President and would like to submit to the Donald

However, according to the
Times, Cohen previously recognized, the publication that took the sealed envelope for
Flynn, but that it, he didn’t know.

Newspaper the Times insists
what’s in the envelope, handed over to the priest, was a plan for the abolition
international sanctions against Russia and the delivery of the Crimean Peninsula in rent
Russia by 50-100 years, and the change of the President of Ukraine.

The publication says that according to
his sources Artemenko not only provided a plan to the priest, and assured,
this plan was previously agreed with top aides to Putin and approved by them.

As previously reported”Диалог.UA” “plan”
Artemenko provided for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, and holding
a referendum on the transfer of Crimea , Ukrainian territory, occupied
Russia in 2014, lease to Russia for 50 or 100 years.