We asked you who should win at the Oscars

We asked you to vote for who you thought should win – and got more than 140,000 votes. Some of the results fit with the prevailing opinion – but there were a few surprises.

Denzel Washington led the pack for best actor with his role in fences, receiving 28% of votes, with Manchester by the sea Casey Affleck trailing on 26%. While Affleck was tipped to win by many critics, Washington did bag a screen actors Guild award nomination and if he wins, will join a select group of six actors who have won more than two Oscars. In the best actor category, any Mahershala Ali came in second with 31% for performance in the moonlight, behind the Lion, Dev Patel 35% – those who can feel the wind behind winning a BAFTA.

But, going with the factor, Emma stone bent Natalie Portman in the TOP category, best actress, 27% vs. 25%. Isabelle Huppert – who won a Golden globe for her role in Elle – received only 10% of the votes. And you’d made up your mind about who is likely to win best supporting actress – viola Davis has been criticism since the very beginning, because arguably more of a role in fences. She was one of the leads in the survey, the choice-thirds majority.

Damien Chazelle Land La – La-whose 2014 film Whiplash won three Oscars was your choice for best Director, with 31% of votes. Mel Gibson came surprisingly second for hacksaw ridge, pushing the moonlight Barry Jenkins for the third time 50 votes.

Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi boycotted the ceremony after the so-called Muslim baths, which have imposed travel restrictions in the United States; his film the Seller of its choice for best foreign film, beating second place Tony Erdman 2,500 votes.

And You went with the favorite for best film: more than one-fifth of the votes went to La-La Land that can scoop most Oscars ever if he wins more than 11 awards on Sunday evening. Moonlight was at 14%, coming in third on 12%.

The poll winners Best actor: Denzel Washington Best Actress: Emma Stone Best supporting actor: Dev Patel Best actress: viola Davis Best Director: Damien Chazelle Best foreign language film: the Seller Best film: La La Land