The AWACS aircraft landed at Warsaw: Poland will guard the NATO anti-terrorist radar

Yesterday, February 20, in the afternoon, at the Warsaw military airport Okecie aircraft landed AWACS, the task of which is control of airspace and the Eastern flank of NATO.
As explained by the Deputy General commander of the armed forces of Poland, General Jan Sliwka, AWACS aircraft regularly landing on the territory of Poland and perform operational tasks. This visit will last until February 23 and will be combined with the conference, during which the commanders of the NATO Nations will define the action plan and exercise to the second quarter of this year.

The AWACS aircraft patrolling Polish airspace, particularly during last year’s visit of Pope Francis to Poland, the NATO summit in Warsaw, and even earlier – during the Championship of Europe on football of 2012.

General Slivka added that the current visit of the crew of the AWACS is proof of the implementation of the decisions taken during the recent NATO summit. In his opinion, this testifies to how seriously the air force of the Alliance interact with the military aviation of Poland.

Members of the AWACS crew is the pilots, flight engineer and Navigator. Besides them, on Board the aircraft, usually located several individuals responsible for servicing the radar. One of them is major Pyotr Voitovich, acting commander of the mission. He explains that this work is similar to that performed by the soldiers on the ground. The crew coordinates the work of the aircraft of the Alliance and identificeret enemy objects. However, the AWACS radar has more stationary device range.

AWACS air machine looks like an ordinary passenger plane completed the round radar in the rear fuselage. Its mission it can perform for hours while refueling.

NATO has 16 machines of this type. Their main base is located in Geilenkirchen in Germany.

We will remind, the day before “Диалог.UA” informed that the former Secretary General Naturemost said that “a military component” would successfully affect the de-occupation of Eastern Ukraine.