Hollywood filmed the novel Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita”

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Migunova-Dali said that the idea of making a film based on the novel of Bulgakov appeared about fifteen years ago. The film’s budget will amount to $ 50-100 million. Part of the filming will take place in Moscow, including in “bad apartment”. The producers of the movie are Andrew Furmanczyk, Naveen Shalit (Shalit Naveen) and one of the founders of the music festival Woodstock Michael lang (Michael Lang).

This is the fifth adaptation of the novel. The first film was released in Germany under the title “Pilate and others” (Pilatus und andere) in 1971, five years after the publication of the book. Directed by the Polish classic Andrzej Wajda (Andrzej Wajda). In 1972, the screens out the Italian-Yugoslav film adaptation directed by Alexander Petrovic. In the 1980-ies to film the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, was about Roman Polanski (Roman Polanski), but the film never took off. In 1988, the story “Master and Margarita” in eight episodes told the Polish Director Maciej wojtyszko (Maciej Wojtyszko). In Russia the film adaptation of “the Master and Margarita” was first shown in 2005. It was 10-serial version from Vladimir Bortko. And in 2006 he published a feature film by Yuri Kara, which was removed in 1994.

Adaptation of the novel, often accompanied by various mystical events. So, the press linked the death of Alexander Abdulov (cows), Kirill Lavrov (Pilate) and Andrew Tolubeev (Aloysius Mogarych) Bulgakov’s novel. Many actors of superstition, even refused to participate in the series, and Bortko before shooting the priest invited.